Environment of the school



Lead to NCYU Lantan campus, there is our school ”Chiayi Lan Tan Elementary School ”on No.419, Siaoya Rd.,. That is our paradise we study happily and grow up healthy.

The location of Lan Tan Elementary school is on east district slope of Chiayi City. Its position is the highest primary school of Chiayi City. And the high buildings and large mansions are on the opposite side of the door, the left side is St. Martin De Pones Hospital. It’s not far from Lan Tan elementary school to Chiayi Senior High school and 228 Memorial Park. It’s also very convenient to get to the Chiayi Park, Chiayi Botany, Chiayi Baseball field and Chiayi Tower. We can appreciate the beautiful scenery near the Lan Lake, too. Our school has comfortable environment, thick humane breath and beautiful natural scene. We can not only overlook the Chiayi City but also study hard in the quiet environment. The Lan Tan Elementary school is really lovely !