Lan Tan Elementary School Badge

Designer: Yang Yu Cong


Regard the Lan Lake and pattern of the butterfly as the theme, display the fresh and lively spirit of the school with distinct and beautiful color .

Design meaning:

First, our school is by the Lan Lake side of Chiayi, and regard Lan Tan as the name of the school. We use the slick curve, personification form, opening hands to encircle country seedlings to transmit teacher's broad manner and zeal for education.

Second, green and orange blades represent vigorous disciples. We also add some blue dots and curves to form a butterfly pattern that happily fluttered. It symbolizes the children with lively and happy learning life.

Third, the whole picture shows that we broad the teacher’s dignity, encourage educating zeal and take good care of the national seedlings. We study happily and grow up healthy in the warm and harmonious campus. It has the meaning of promoting educational quality and opening the bright perspective.


Principal’s Words:

The school badge represents our school, and we use it to symbolize our spirits as well as to communicate.

The school badge is designed by an enthusiastic parent, Yang Yu Cong, and it is a masterpiece voted by all teachers and employees.

After realizing the meaning of our badge, I hope that our students are like butterflies full of youth and vitality. They will grow and learn with joy under teachers’ love and caring.