School History

1972, school established.  The antecedence was the branch of Min Tsu Elementary School in Chiayi
1973, renamed as Lantan Elementary School.
1973, Mr. Hsieh Chang-yu was appointed as school’s 1st principal.
1982, Chiayi City was upgraded to become the provincial city, and the school was renamed as Chiayi City Lantan Elementary School.
1980, Mr. Huang Ming-che was appointed as the 2nd principal.
1987, Mr. Chuang Hsing-nan was appointed as the 3rd principal.
1990, Mr. Lin Fang-hsiung was appointed as the 4th principal.
1994, Mr. Liu Che-fu was appointed as the 5th principal.
1998, Mr. Lai Yu-cheng succeeded as our current principal.


Keep growing all the while
Six principals have devoted themselves here since the school was founded.  The planning and finishing of each building showed the efforts of the principal, teachers, students and parents to reach the goal of ideal education.  The school is expanding, the facilities keep renewing and substantial, and the environment is beautified by planting more trees and flowers, all of these make our school grow and progress steadily.

The Chiayi City Government allowed us to add a special resource class in 2001 and a kindergarten in 2002.  Then ordinary students can get enough education, special students also can get special education, and furthermore preschool kids can get proper care.  Thus we can accomplish the educational ideal, to teach all kinds of the students and teach them in accordance with their aptitude.