The time passed by

People in the photo were the graduates and teachers of the third year of the school.  The old buildings on the left were removed.  The building with triangle-shaped roof is Chihyuanlou.  It is designed by Mr. Lai Ming-chih in 1975.  It is the oldest one in the school now.   (The man in the dark gray suit in the middle of the photo is Principal Hsieh Chang-yu.)

The old, wooden classroom was only in memory now.

The students and teachers at that time were so unsophisticated!

The slide behind chih-yuan building is the oldest one in our school. It has been finished for twenty years at least after founding our school.

 The campus in the front of ta-kuan building was a block of green forests 83years ago based on it’s here and foretime.

 The new gate (the right photo). The left photograph is the appearance that hsiao-ya road has not been expanded and the gate has not been built.

The old motor parking that be used as a recycled place was a basketball field at that time.(At that time the kitchen and the kitchen office were not built.) Students go to school and go home from thewest gate. The teacher is shen pang-hsiung retiring on February first in 2000 in this photograph.

The building chin-shui region……

After seeing this “kutsao” photograph, do you know lantan elementary school more? Look into the future. Although the equipment and the building surrounding are all new and bright, the most important is teachers and students’ lasting efforts and the future of lantan elementary school will be more hopeful.