Learning Environment

Entering the doorway, you will see the spot of Lantan elementary school—Da Kung building. Its plaza is the place where students gather every Monday morning.

The nine-planet model

The nine-planet model in this building provides teaching and observing.

Comfortable computer classroom

There are two computer classrooms in our school, They are equipped with air conditioner and broadcaster and open for students after class.

The botanical Garden

Not only does it offer students for recreation but also for learning materials.


The administration bulletin board offers the latest information.

There is a pingpong table for use in hallway of Dakung building.

The planetarium is a good place for students to learn astrology and for holding the seminars related to astrology regularly.

The library have been computerized and it’s convenient to use. Moreover, students can search the information on internet.

The comfortable auditorium with audio-visual aids is very attractive to students.

The corridor beside classrooms are well decorated with flowers and pictures. Students feel refreshing while passing by.

The playground is far away from the teaching area. Students could have a good workout there.

The consulting room next to counseling office provides a comfortable place for students to talk in a small group.



The playground next to first and second grades is a good place to exercise.

Besides that, the earlier old-fashioned buildings had gone through a lot of reformation to become brighter, wider and comfortable places for students to acquire knowledge.